Angel Falls reviews and a hat trick at The Jeep Diva

This week has been incredibly busy for me – not helped by losing a whole day to a migraine! – but I have been cheered by lots more lovely feedback coming in for the books. I mentioned Megan at Published Moments in a previous post, and her lovely 5* review of Angel Falls went live […]

Wolf Night in paperback and Dark Dates says goodbye to Brighton Fringe

Well, been a busy couple of weeks at Dark Dates towers. Not only am I working on Dark Dates 3 (honest!) but I’ve been working on getting Wolf Night into print, since I know some of you out there like having a physical copy. I’m chuffed to bits with how it looks, thanks to the […]

What happens when a vampire and an angel watch Supernatural and Buffy?

You’ll be glad I asked… Ok, another Dark Dates 3 drabble – again this might never make it into the book, but the setting is, for reasons that will be explained later, Laclos is hiding out in Cass’ flat, which obviously brings him into close proximity with Cain, who is just delighted about the set […]