Vampire in Edinburgh price promo – get your Fringe thrills now!

To celebrate the annual craziness that is Edinburgh Fringe, I am reducing Vampire in Edinburgh on Kindle to a mere 99p! (And, while it’s more fun to read if you have read the novels first – you totally don’t have to, as it’s a fairly standalone story.) Edinburgh snark, world-weary hunters and naked hot guys: […]

Stories and memories: Louise’s Tattoos

One of the most common questions writers are asked is ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ Usually, the answer is no more enlightening than ‘my head’. But sometimes you do remember the spark, even if the final story bears no resemblance to what inspired it. So it is with Louise’s Tattoos. It’s an old […]

Overcoming envy – making friends with the green-eyed monster

Envy and professional jealousy are an occupational hazard for writers – as, indeed, for any creative. The arts are an insecure business; most creatives are wracked with self-doubt, and it can feel like you are in constant competition for a dwindling reserve of paid gigs, audience attention and market presence. You put your heart and […]