Praise for Dark Dates

Just some of the great feedback for the books!

Dark Dates

Miranda Stork – “a deliciously different vampire book from the norm”
My Tower of Books – “It easily stands on its own merit with a unique approach to the idea.”
Open Book Society – “This book was written in a light conversational way that draws you in right away”
LovLivLife Reviews  – “a fun read”
Natasja’s Book Blog –a great novel with an interesting storyline and fabulous characters. I was lured into the story from the beginning and I couldn’t put it down for long.”
Close Encounters with the Night Kind – “I laughed throughout the whole book”

5* ‘I am screaming from the rooftops this is a series that must be readThe Jeep Diva


Wolf Night

5* “Get ready to laugh your tush off because Cassandra is back!” – The Jeep Diva

5* “Well, it definitely left me breathless because I was laughing too hard through most of the book. …Wolf Night was wonderful and it satisfied a craving for a popular vampire culture snarkfest…The thing is, the plot is good and it’s pure urban fantasy, but it’s the banter between the characters which really gets you.” Nocturnal Book Reviews

5* “I am sure that the author is onto a real winner with this series.” – Jaffa Reads Too

Angel Falls

5* “Paranormal at its finest. Action packed from start to finish… If you haven’t read this series, do yourself a big favor and start it right away! You will NOT be sorry! Action, snark, and sexiness what more could you want?” – Redheaded Bookworm

5* “I was so happy with this book” – Nocturnal Book Reviews

5*  “I loved ‘Angel Falls’” – Published Moments

5* “Holy crackers! I didn’t think things could get any better or crazier than it has already been. I was wrong, so wrong.” – The Jeep Diva


A Vampire in New York:

Included in the “top 10 fantastic vampire books for adults” – “This quick read brings danger and thrills in a compact format”