Your ideal vampire – the answers

If you haven’t done the ‘Who’s your ideal vampire’ quiz yet, click here. No reading the answers first!

Mostly A
Your ideal vampire is an Edward, Stefan or Bill. Moody and romantic with a side order of tortured. Inexplicably choosing to spend eternal life in the nearest educational establishment, he’s drawn to your unique, special nature that is mysteriously invisible to anyone else. He’s your soulmate, and you are destined to be together forever. You are also possibly too young to be doing this quiz. Be warned, at Dark Dates events, we check IDs.

Mostly B
Your ideal vampire is an Eric, Damon or Spike. Sexy, dangerous and confident, he will blow your mind, break your bed and rock your world. This may lead you to believe that beneath that bad boy exterior beats a heart of gold that you just might be able to reach,  but honestly, you’d be bored in a week if he turned into a nice guy. I’d just settle for the great sex. Come to Dark Dates, I may have the very vampire you need on my books…

Mostly C
Your ideal vampire is an Angel, or possibly a Mick St John. Oh dear. He’s brooding, he’s tortured, and he probably has great hair, but he’s so focused on redemption for the Very Bad Things he’s done in the past that you’ll never be his number one priority. That said, he is a very low maintenance admirer, as he is often absent for weeks helping the hopeless while you’re left to shift for yourself, so if you’re a busy London girl who struggles to find time to date but still wants to think that she has love in her life, he could be your ideal match.

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