Trigger warnings

This page is provided to help you decide whether any of my books are unsuitable for you (or for how you are feeling at any particular time). It’s not meant to be exhaustive. But you can always contact me direct (details are on the site) if have particular questions. Life is too short to read a book that isn’t for you or puts your mental well-being at risk.


Also, all of my characters drink like fish and swear a lot, so if that’s an issue for you, these might not be for you.

Doll – not really for the faint-hearted, or if you are feeling a bit low or depressed

This is a book about genetic attraction syndrome – where closely related individuals meet as adults and are sexually attracted to one another – so contains scenes of incest. It also deals with mental illness, suicide/ suicidal thoughts (including LGBT+ related suicide and depression), grief and mourning, violence and, when the main character discusses her past, some racist language (used in the abstract, not directed at an individual).

No Love is This (stories)

Many of these stories deal with bleak themes – I was really cheerful in my youth – including rape / sexual and gendered violence, self-harm, mental illness / suicidal thoughts.

The Dark Dates series (and ‘burying your gays’)

Book 1 (Dark Dates) contains a short scene of sexual assault and threatened rape. All of the books contain some peril and violence / threatened violence, including to LGBT+ and POC characters. Wolf Night features one of the characters briefly on the receiving end of racially abusive language, and Angel Falls contains the brief but violent death of a child-vampire.

But I also decided from the start that the central queer / LGBT couples (Medea and Katie, Jonesy and Lee) would never be killed or separated to further the plot. Medea and Katie in particular are at the heart of the books – they are the ‘normal’ (of sorts: as normal as a shape-shifter and a witch can be) that anchors the central character, they are the voice of common sense in a crazy world. They are not going anywhere, so feel free to invest in them and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.


Bridesmaid Blues

This is a pretty fluffy romcom so not much to trigger folk here, but it is pretty honest about how bad loneliness can be when you’re single, so while it’s funny and has a happy ever after ending, if you are feeling particularly low it might not be for you.