Blogger spotlight: Fangs for The Fantasy

Welcome to the first in my occasional series of Blogger Spotlights – this time it’s Fangs for The Fantasy, whose thoughtful and often very funny reviews and articles are always worth a read, and they also deserve serious kudos for tackling serious issues in the urban fantasy sphere (though with a good measure of snark […]

Blogger spotlight: Calling Book Bloggers!

Like many authors, I’ve been a little depressed by some of the hostility that seems to have arisen between (some of) the blogging community and authors over the past couple of years – its seems that the behaviour of a few overly entitled individuals has poisoned what should be a harmonious relationship, since we’re all […]

Dark Dates live! Zoe Cunningham in An Audience with Cassandra Bick

As I mentioned in my last post – exciting news to start the year! Zoe Cunningham is doing a one-woman show based on Dark Dates this February (you can buy tickets here). I caught up with Zoe to see why she chose Cassandra… Zoe, welcome to Dark Dates! First of all, tell us a little […]