Blogger spotlight: Calling Book Bloggers!

Like many authors, I’ve been a little depressed by some of the hostility that seems to have arisen between (some of) the blogging community and authors over the past couple of years – its seems that the behaviour of a few overly entitled individuals has poisoned what should be a harmonious relationship, since we’re all in the business of books (hint for authors: if you start to think stalking, abuse or threats are an acceptable reaction to someone not liking your work, you need to Step The Hell Back and take a look at your life).

My own experience with bloggers has been almost universally positive. Sure, some of them don’t like my books, some were a bit flaky, some didn’t want anything to do with an indie author and some I didn’t warm to at all: bloggers being individuals, they’re as much of a mixed bag as any disparate group of people. But most were a joy – even those with the poor taste not to care for my writing! – and I’ve connected with a lot of people whose blogs I really enjoy and, more importantly, who I really genuinely like.

So I thought that, this year, it might be fun to do a series of profiles on book blogs and the people behind them: find out a little more about what the business of book blogging involves, the highs and lows of it, and how authors can better engage with bloggers and what are the things that authors do that drive bloggers bloody nuts. I’ve already got some fun people lined up, but work commitments prevent me from canvassing my contacts list as widely as I should, so if anyone is interested in being featured – get in touch!

[Note: If you want to talk about your blog but prefer to remain anonymous / behind your blogging ‘persona’ that is fine!]

Getting in touch: Leave a comment on this blog with your contact details and a link to your blog and I’ll send you the short questionnaire (Your details won’t be published – I need to authorise comments so I’ll see it, but won’t publish unless you mark your comment FOR PUBLICATION – obviously general comments will be published subject to the standard rules.) You can also contact me through Twitter @thriftygal

Please only email me if we’ve already corresponded – but I especially welcome those bloggers I have dealt with in the past, so please do get in touch!

Now, since I need an illustration, here’s a random picture of Lyra the cat.


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