Quiz: Who’s your ideal vampire?

So, you’ve decided to join Dark Dates. To help me find your perfect match, here’s a short questionnaire:

1 – Where would I like to meet my ideal vampire?
A) Highschool
B) A dark, steamy nightclub
C) He would come to my aid in a time of distress, say something enigmatic then disappear

2 – What is my vampire’s attitude to feeding on people?
A) He drinks animal blood
B) He sees people as walking snacks. Except me, of course. I’m special
C) He seems pretty conflicted about the whole thing. Maybe he did bad things in the past that he doesn’t like to talk about?

3 – What happens to my vampire in daylight?
A) Not much. It seems a mild inconvenience more than anything else
B) He gets crispier than a KFC chicken
C) Burns up, but that’s OK, he seems to have access to an endless network of underground tunnels that get him around in daytime

4 – After a week, my vampire…
A) Declares eternal love. He’s been waiting for me all this time!
B) Has shagged me so much much I may have forgotten my own name
C) Has popped up, said enigmatic things, then vanished

5 – My vampire’s general demeanour is…
A) Moody, but he does stare longingly at me a lot
B) Cocky, but he does stare longingly at me a lot
C) Tortured, but he does stare longingly at me a lot

So, mostly A, B or C? Click here to find out who your favourite vampire is…

2 thoughts on “Quiz: Who’s your ideal vampire?

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