Bridesmaid Blues on price promo

To celebrate the sun coming out (it’s probably raining by the time you read this, sigh…) Bridesmaid Blues is only 99p on Kindle for a week. It’s been described as ‘A smarter, funnier Bridget Jones’ Diary for the 2010s – great pithy writing and instantly likeable characters‘ (by award-winning author Caroline Green, no less!) and with […]

Dark Dates comes to Nine Worlds

Those of you who caught her shows in London or Brighton will be familiar with Zoe Cunningham’s one-woman take on the Dark Dates books. So it’s exciting that she’s going to be involved in the Nine Worlds convention in London this August. Zoe will be Cassandra Bick as part of the cabaret, which sounds enormous […]

Famous names

During and immediately after university, I spent a lot of time working in bookshops, so like most booksellers have plenty of ‘weird things customers say in bookshops’ moments (I was very jealous that Jen Campbell thought of compiling these first – though I did meet her, having contributed a quote to her follow up, More […]