Angel Falls reviews and a hat trick at The Jeep Diva

This week has been incredibly busy for me – not helped by losing a whole day to a migraine! – but I have been cheered by lots more lovely feedback coming in for the books.

I mentioned Megan at Published Moments in a previous post, and her lovely 5* review of Angel Falls went live on her blog earlier this month:

“Sinclair really impressed me with ‘Angel Falls’ and she has opened my eyes to a whole new genre that I could have missed out on. I loved ‘Angel Falls’ and while it contained vampires, shape-shifters, witches, angels and valkyries – a bit of a stretch for anyone’s imagination – Sinclair manages to exquisitely meld all of their lives together in a seamless way.”

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Megan was new to the series, and another convert this month was Jacque at The Jeep Diva. The Jeep Diva has been kind to my books before, but Jacque was new to the series – and, impressively, powered through all three novels in a week, and gave fantastic 5* reviews to all 3! Welcome to the Dark Dates club, Jacque!

Dark Dates

I have found a new addiction in Cassandra Bick Chronicles! No sooner did I finish reading Dark Dates, I immediately jumped into the next book. I anticipate having a fairly hefty book hanger once I finish the whole series. I am screaming from the rooftops this is a series that must be read. Read. Dark Dates. Now.

Wolf Night

“I’m not sure why I haven’t discovered Tracey Sinclair before but I’m certainly glad I did.

Angel Falls

Holy crackers! I didn’t think things could get any better or crazier than it has already been. I was wrong, so wrong.

While it’s always wonderful to welcome new readers to the fold, it’s also great to get some love from long-term supporters of Dark Dates, so I was also chuffed that Kara-Karina of Nocturnal Book Reviews gave the thumbs up (and was first to review!) A Vampire in New York and Other Stories.

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