Do you REALLY need all of those notebooks?

I get a lot of scepticism about my notebook collection. Some of it justified: I love an expensive notebook, to the bafflement of some of my friends (“it’s just bloody paper!” one exclaimed, despairing, when I was trying to justify some pricey purchase), and I am ridiculously picky about what I write my first and second drafts in. (I found a notebook that I liked in Paperchase and, fearing it was discontinued, bought 20).

But, the one thing I can say absolutely is: they never go to waste.

Here, for instance, are my notes for the last Dark Dates book:


And this pile is the finished article in first draft of the novel and collection of short stories that accompanied it:


So, mock me if you must: but you can’t say I don’t use them!

3 thoughts on “Do you REALLY need all of those notebooks?

  1. Yep! Me too! I live in a very small shared room and it’s surprising the percentage of space the journals take up. When did your love of collecting journals and writing start?

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