Notebook of the week: Week 5 – Fandom and geeky notebooks

Some from the archives today, as I was trawling through Facebook to find some photos to add, and it was nice to be reminded of notebooks past (since I very rarely keep them once used, or I’d have no space in my house at all…)

So here’s a collection:


This cute Supernatural themed notebook is, as you can see, from Aparecium Prints, and was a birthday present a couple of years back. In-keeping with the fandom theme (and the presents theme) I love this Game of Thrones notebook:



Then there’s this set of Doctor Who notebooks (and other assorted goodies) that I bought when I went to the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff. Why yes, I also needed 3 t-shirts, thanks for asking:




Then, yes, more vampires (another gift)


And finally, a Star Wars bonanza this Christmas, with a whole stash of Moleskine notebooks and assorted goodies.


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