More Wolf Night on the web


So, Wolf Night is starting to get more reviews and coverage – a bit of a relief, if I’m honest, since a slew of personal crises has meant I have been doing very little to promote it and am rather reliant on it generating its own word of mouth at the moment, which is obviously a little frustrating!

Still, I did a character interview over at Stella Ex Libris which was great fun, and also got some really lovely reviews…

The Jeep Diva: 5 stars, 4 flames: “This is a laugh-out-loud story with some utterly ridiculous moments in the midst of dangerous and even deadly happenings… Of course, there is steamy sex – and tons of sexual innuendo. But if you want a series that takes you on a 180 degree turn from sparkles and doom and gloom all the time- this is the series to read. And the sequel has only served to sharpen Tracey Sinclair’s style and polish the edges smooth; this was a better book than the first: and the first was still darn good.”

Byte the Book recommended read: “Sinclair’s characters are made of the same stuff as cult favourites Anita Blake and Sookie Stackhouse but with a fresh, British flavour. Sinclair’s ability to write great action scenes is put to good use in this fast-moving adventure which builds on the pace set by the first book. Fans of urban fantasy will find an original and exciting voice in Tracey Sinclair and will no doubt be clamouring for more Cassandra Bick very soon.”

TBR Pile: 4 stars – “Sinclair’s characters are so vivid. They work so well, I feel like I’m watching a movie or television show… There was a great sex scene.. . Add in moments where I literally laughed aloud, Cass has some awesome one-liners. The action really was fantastic too!… I suggest reading Dark Dates before this and you will fall in love with these characters as I have! I really enjoyed this book! The plot to Wolf Night was perfection and I cannot wait to see what trouble Cassandra gets into next!”

Thanks to all the lovely reviewers who took the time to read it, it really is much appreciated. Now all of you go buy it, I need the money…

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