Wolf Night hits the web!

I’ve not been as diligent as I should be in promoting Wolf Night, as I’ve been flattened by a series of other commitments, but it’s great to see it’s already attracting some attention – and, importantly, some people like it so that’s my ‘OMG they’ll all hate it!’ fears at least slightly assuaged.

Nocturnal Book Reviews not only gave it a nice little preview here, they gave it 5 stars here. (9 out of 10 on Kara-Karina’s scale, 5 on GR).

“Wolf Night is dark, snarkalicious and explores what it’s like to be a supernatural in modern world, crazy on Twilight, True Blood and Winchester brothers. Highly recommended.”

The lovely Laurie at Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts hosted a character interview and a giveaway (which is still open!) and Heather over at Red Headed Bookworm also hosted a character interview – the pros and cons of dating Cain vs Laclos, which made me laugh – and giveaway, and she too gave the book 5 stars.

It’s rare that I like a sequel better than the first book in a series, but it happens as evidenced with Wolf Night!  I had forgotten how much I loved these characters! Snarkiness at it’s best. I was full out laughing at some parts!… From page one, I remembered why I enjoyed book one, Dark Dates, so much. I can’t wait for more from these characters. If you like action with some steamy goodness, you’ll love this series!”

The Book Tart also featured a preview of the book.

So, what are you waiting for? Bought your copy yet?



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