Vampire in Edinburgh price promo – get your Fringe thrills now!

To celebrate the annual craziness that is Edinburgh Fringe, I am reducing Vampire in Edinburgh on Kindle to a mere 99p! (And, while it’s more fun to read if you have read the novels first – you totally don’t have to, as it’s a fairly standalone story.) Edinburgh snark, world-weary hunters and naked hot guys: […]

Short but sweet: how digital ‘singles’ can boost your author profile

One of the criticisms of the digital book market is that it puts pressure on authors to constantly churn out new material: that on top of the ‘book a year’ demands of mainstream publishers, authors are now expected to produce digital-only short stories to keep their profile high and, of course, bring in extra income. […]

Vampire in Edinburgh is now in print!

Continuing my mission to get the Dark Dates series into print, I have combined the three short stories A Vampire Walks Into a Bar, A Vampire Christmas and A Vampire In Edinburgh into one book and this is now available from Amazon (yes, I know a lot of people have issues with Amazon, but as […]