Vampire in Edinburgh price promo – get your Fringe thrills now!

To celebrate the annual craziness that is Edinburgh Fringe, I am reducing Vampire in Edinburgh on Kindle to a mere 99p! (And, while it’s more fun to read if you have read the novels first – you totally don’t have to, as it’s a fairly standalone story.) Edinburgh snark, world-weary hunters and naked hot guys: what more could you want?

“5* – This is a highly entertaining romp, with maximum snark, (especially about Fringe, so actors be prepared to laugh at yourselves) many giggles, adrenaline packed adventure and sexy, sexy characters for all tastes. A fast-paced gripping read which had me laughing out loud and wanting more. Hot!”

Vamp Kindle size
“Ah, Cain and Laclos – one of the most unusual but gripping bromances in literature”

5* – More fun than the Festival’

5* I Heart Cain…and hell yeah Laclos with swishy cape – Loved this short story – you can tell the author is a proper genre fan. (Great references to TV Supernatural for added sqwee) For me, she writes stories like you are watching a great TV show – which means fast paced, slow when appropriate, with great one liners and laugh out loud scenes – all of which leave you wanting more. I’ve read all the other Dark Dates books and short stories and this is another brilliant edition to the series.”

4* – Spot-on snark – The Dark Dates universe is very entertainingly expanded in this new long-ish short story by Tracey Sinclair, which deposits Laclos and Cain amid the cacophony of the Edinburgh Fringe. The balance between the humour and action is, as ever, very smartly balanced and there’s some spot-on snark about the excesses of the Fringe. There’s also a goodly amount of naked Laclos action, which is never unwelcome.

And remember, if you are going: pack supplies…


It rains in Edinburgh, people. A lot!

And look, even Lyra likes the book – if paperback is you thing you can buy it as part of a collection: A Vampire in Edinburgh and Other Stories)


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