Exeunt – Bear Skin Theatre Zine

Delighted to be included in the new Exeunt Friends Zine, a delightfully retro hand-made zine that gets sent to friends of the site (a scheme that enables the website to pay reviewers, fund accommodation for Edinburgh Fringe, etc.). I’m proud of my work for Exeunt, which features some of the most exciting theatre writers around and has a strong roster of women and LGBTQ writers (and is making strides to increase its diversity in other areas), and the zine gives those writers the freedom to write quirky or more personal pieces that might not fit that well into the constraints of the site – my piece is about all the nudity I have seen on stage! (And yes, Bear Skin is a pun: the site’s mascot is a bear).

You can become a supporter for as little as £2 per month, so check it out here:


And speaking of Edinburgh Fringe, remember Vampire in Edinburgh is only 99p on Kindle until August!


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