Vampire in Edinburgh – review round up

I’ve been a little remiss at pushing my latest tome to reviewers – blame the usual ‘life gets in the way’! – but am delighted that those who have reviewed it seem to be pleased… (and a huge thanks, as ever, to anyone who bothers to post reviews either on their blogs or Goodreads/Amazon: even not-great ones are appreciated).

“Looking for something fun, snarky and oh so British in feel and flavor? Look no further than Tracey Sinclair’s Cassandra Bick Chronicles series! I’ve been reading these stories, and falling in love with the humor and ridiculously fun quirks of her characters” – 5* from The Jeep Diva

“Cassandra Bick Chronicles is a very amusing and talented urban fantasy series based in UK. One of its best part is its humor as it does not take itself seriously. Of course, Cain, a weary angel, disgusted with humanity and Laclos, an unabashed vampire prone to exhibitionism are one of the best partners in crime I’ve seen so far in UF. Reading about their adventures is always a pleasure, and this book was not an exception. Light, bloodthirsty, fun! Recommended.” – 8.5/10 by Nocturnal Book Reviews

“Cain + Laclos = Oodles of fun.
Add to that Ms. Sinclair’s crisp turn of phrase and ironic wit, and you’ve got another crowd-pleaser.
Highly recommended for those sick and tired of brooding vampires and other assorted tormented paranormal alpha males. Ms. Sinclair makes paranormal fun again” Jade Kerrion

Want to add your thoughts? You can buy Vampire in Edinburgh here…

Vamp Kindle size

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