Hot guys reading and Funko shelfies!

So, you all know I *love* seeing my books in the wild, I love a shelfie, and Lord knows my Funko addiction is getting out of hand! Best of all worlds here, then: I recently met up with one of my oldest friends, Shiv, with whom I shared a great night out in New York that inspired the story, A Vampire in New York. So I though it would be fun to get him to pose with the book -after all, what better prop for a book than a handsome man?


And I have also been sharing the Funko love with my designer, Caroline, who happens to be a huge Labyrinth fan, so I was thrilled that I managed to get her this Jareth before the prices went too bonkers (pro-tip: pre-order your Funkos, people!), and then followed that up with a Sarah… so she sent me a shelfie to celebrate!




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