Notebooks, New York hotspots, subtitling movies and how Laclos got his name

Been a busy few weeks on the Dark Dates promo front, but been doing a lot of fun stuff: including getting to talk about some of my favourite things – notebooks and New York!

Jera’s Jamboree is doing a stationery love feature that I was delighted to be part of – you know I love talking about notebooks!


Over at Bookalicious Travel Addict, I was talking about some of my favourite New York spots, while Caution Spoilers invited me to revisit my days subtitling movies.


There was a fun character study over at Emma the Little Bookworm, and Sandra Danby invited me to talk about Dangerous Liaisons – one of my favourite books and, of course, where Laclos got his name…

Thanks,  everyone, for having me!


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