Stranger Things, music to write by, book buying and 10 things I’ve learned

It’s been another busy few weeks in Dark Dates towers, and I’ve had some great fun visiting various blogs.


First off, it was over to Reflections of a Reader for their new segment, Monday Musings – where I talked about book buying habits, and why I can’t stop buying hardbacks even though I don’t actually hang onto books anymore.

Then it was over to Haphazardous HippoHaphazardous Hippo to talk about 10 things I’ve learned about writing.

Romcom star Elle Field was kind enough to invite me to take part in her Writer Wednesdays


And then I got to talk about music to write by over at Crimepieces – which includes some fun YouTube clips so you should definitely check it out!

I’ve also been messing about with the Stranger Things name generator – a fantastic time waster that allows you to create text in the style of the show. As you can see – works better with some of my books than others!


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