A festive surprise and some news

Happy New Year, one and all: I hope that, whether you celebrate or not, you survived the season intact. I actually had a big family Christmas this year – my first ever! – and it was a delight. My cousin and his wife (who is actually an old school friend of mine, also) hosted the family in their astonishing house – seriously, when I write my Hallmark Christmas movie, this may be the set – and generously threw open their doors not just to me, but to my friend N, who was staying with me for the festivities. It was a multi-generational party, from babies to grandmas, and one of the loveliest days I’ve had in a while.



It was made all the more lovely, I have to say, by discovering that my hostess had loved Bridesmaid Blues, and got her husband to buy her all of the Dark Dates books as a present! (Having also had dinner with a friend who bought her pal one of the books for Christmas also, may I say: I love you, people who do this, and massively appreciate your help in spreading the word.


And, to be honest, seeing my books out in the world is sometimes the kick I need to keep writing them. And… ta-da! I finished the first draft of Dark Dates 4 yesterday. It’s terrible*, it doesn’t make sense and I have to pretty much rework the entire plot but I don’t care, it’s done. And that means I can get to work on making it better.


Happy New Year!


*Remember: all first drafts are shit.



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