Beat Black Friday by supporting indie women

So, you all know while I am as guilty as anyone of racking up the Amazon bills, it’s good to at least spend *some* of your money at smaller stores. For one thing, you are funding individual creatives rather than big corporations, you get unique gifts (and personal service) you won’t get anywhere else, and, you know, you get to stick it to the man. Especially cos you are buying from the women.

So here are some of my faves (I am utterly biased: I know or have bought from all of these women). (Note: all pictures are credit to / copyright of the creators and taken from their sites).

Stella My Star

Geeky good shit from this gorgeous Geordie-Glaswegian Jo, who specialises in jewellery with a pop culture theme. Charm bracelets are her specialty, such as this Good Place inspired piece.il_570xN.1646312044_hym5

But she also does a great line in Christmas cards, including this Die Hard card which might be my favourite thing ever. If you don’t want to order online, Jo regularly takes place in Etsy makers markets around Glasgow.


Nanuk Designs

Oh, Nanuk, how much do I love thee? I have bought a ton of stuff from Louise, both from her very affordable silver range (she has done a couple of bespoke pieces for me, including a lemur necklace that I adore) and her polymer dragons range (such as this wee cutie). Great for fans of steampunk, these quirky pieces are real showstoppers – and heart stealers. Even the pieces I no longer wear I have on display because they are Just. So. Cute.


I also can’t help feeling this steampunk space turtle would be a great gift for the Terry Pratchett fan in your life.


Britt’s Little Paper Shop

Regular Dark Daters will be familiar with Brittany Coxon’s work, as she did the gorgeous papercut design for the relaunch of my book Bridesmaid Blues (shown below). But North East artist Britt also does a gorgeous array of cards, paper products and artwork (I own a couple of pieces) all at super reasonable prices, many with a geeky theme (she does a set of Hogwarts houses cards, for instance). This Tyne Bride Activity kit would make a great present:


I have actually bought this Wonder Woman card for several people, all of whom *loved* it.


You can also see Britt’s work at the Make and Mend Market in Newcastle’s Grainger Market – a fantastic event on the first Saturday of the month that brings together local creatives.

So what are you waiting for? Get spending!

(Obviously if you want to support an indie writer, you can do that by buying MY books – mostly from Amazon, sorry, though if you go through their Smile site you can donate to charity at the same time, for free – or tees or bags!)


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