2016 – a year of new friends and great reviews

2016 has been such a raving dumpster fire that I occasionally have to remind myself it wasn’t all bad, and that some good things did indeed happen. For me, one of those things was the release of the latest in the Dark Dates series – Angel Falls, the sequel to Wolf Night, and a collection of standalone stories, A Vampire in New York and Other Stories, which took the gang to the Lakes, Brighton and New York to see what havoc they could wreak.

It’s always, of course, nerve-wracking to put out a new book, but it’s fair to say I’ve been delighted by the reception, especially to Angel Falls, which most people have said is the strongest in the series (ever the needy writer, I do find myself thinking, wait, don’t you like the other ones?’ but even neurotic as I am I recognise that’s the right direction to be going in!) I’ve also found, curiously enough, that my romcom Bridesmaid Blues has been picking up some traction this year, garnering some lovely reviews from as far away as Nigeria and The States!

Reviews aside, I also was lucky enough to connect with a lot of lovely bloggers and other writers this year, many through the wonderful Book Connectors group on Facebook, which I was invited to join by creator and all-round book maven Anne Cater and have found to be just one of the nicest, most supportive group of people a writer could meet!

So, a HUGE thanks to everyone who has read, bought, reviewed or helped promote my books this year, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. For space, I won’t quote all my faves below – we’d be here all day! But here is just a random selection.

Dark Dates family

Angel Falls and the Dark Dates series

Paranormal at its finest. Action packed from start to finish…If you haven’t read this series, do yourself a big favor and start it right away! You will NOT be sorry! Action, snark, and sexiness what more could you want?” ***** Redheaded Bookworm

‘I am screaming from the rooftops this is a series that must be read’ -*****  The Jeep Diva

Truly this is one of the best Urban Fantasies you’ve never heard of!  …unique, funny and totally twisted in ALL the best ways” ***** I am indeed

I was so happy with this book, peeps, especially with its ending. The author has grown so much in a few years since she started writing in this genre, and this book so far is her strongest” – Nocturnal Book Reviews

Bridesmaid Blues Final High res

Bridesmaid Blues

Witty and well-written, this is an intellectual Bridget Jones-esque romance… Hilariously witty and self-deprecating… Great light-hearted fun. Read itWriting Around the Block

“After a couple of pages, I knew that Bridesmaid Blues was one of the funniest books I would ever read. I was laughing 98.9% of the time” – 4 kisses out of 5: Up Close and Literal

I absolutely adored it.  A perfect read for fans of Bridget Jones and Lindsey Kelk.  A smart, sassy, funny romcom with lots of northern charm.  From the first chapter that had me laughing through the words to the very end of the book. …a fun filled, warm hearted read. 5*” – Kraftireader 

The Bridesmaid Blues” is a quick and fantastic read that leaves you feeling good and optimistic about love and finding Mr. Right. Tracey Sinclair’s writing flows perfectlyDandelion Reader 

Aw! Thanks, guys… *blushes*



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