Pre-order the new Dark Dates NOW

It’s finally here! The latest installment in the Dark Dates series is published on 11 March (Kindle, with paperback about the same time). You can pre-order here AND get the bargain introductory price of £2.99 (which is a bargain – it’s a chonk of a book!) Pre-orders are great for authors, so if you are planning to buy anyway, please do!

Other ways you can help your favourite authors:

Cos, god, we’re all at bit desperate by this stage, right?

Share their posts on social media – Facebook, Twitter etc. You never know who you is watching!

Tell your friends – I get most of my sales through word-of-mouth. You are the most trusted recommendation your friends have. Spread the love!

Leave a review: even a short one. Goodreads and Amazon are the key sites but anywhere you review is fine.

Post a picture: Instagram in particular has a thriving ‘bookstagram’ community. A quick snap of your current read can help get the author into other people’s orbit.

Mark the book as ‘want to read‘ on Goodreads: This will put it in other people’s feeds, and make it look popular.

The pandemic has made me slightly rabid about sharing content by, and talking about books / plays etc that I enjoyed, because so many people are struggling (even people you think of as ‘successful’ are probably making a lot less money than you think). So if you are enjoying an author, an artist, musician or any creative – do think about adding some visible support. I promise it means the world. (Especially if it’s me, obvs.)

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