Doll and No Love on Kindle for the first time

My life feels like a series of coming full circle at the moment – but, happily, in really nice ways. Moving home, reconnecting with old friends and my family, and now, with my work. Yes, I am super excited – and nervous – to announce that my first books are now available on Kindle for the first time!

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Doll is my first novel – a dark tale of twisted family loyalties, love and loss. It was weird to revisit it for republication: written in the tale end of the last century, it still feels contemporary in some ways (especially relating to class), but is also a book it would be hard to write now. For a start, the central storyline would fall apart in 5 minutes in a world with Facebook…

But if you like your heroines decidedly difficult and your stories raw, this could be just the book for you. You can buy it here.


No Love is This is a collection of short stories written around the same time. Many of them have been published elsewhere or won writing competitions, but it was great to put them all together and, again, though they tend towards the dark, there is hopefully enough humour in there to entice you. You can buy it here.

Both books are a mere £2.99 on Kindle, and paperback editions will follow in the autumn.


I’m a bit of a nervous wreck about the whole process, so do feel free to send me kind comments, leave good reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, or buy me chocolate / wine / cake when you see me and tell me to calm the hell down…

11 thoughts on “Doll and No Love on Kindle for the first time

  1. Sadly I can’t read anymore Tracey… concentration gone for fiction. Altho can do bits of short non fiction & playtexts. Otherwise I’d buy! Have shared tho. And best of times with it all 😍

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