Shelfies and Books in the Wild

Facebook kindly reminded me today that it’s 3 years or so since Angel Falls came out, so I am well overdue another book (thanks, Facebook!). But instead of using this as an excuse to beat myself up over the delay – Lord knows I have done that enough already! – decided instead to use it as an excuse to celebrate my books being out there in the world, and people enjoying them. Which is a much more inspiring thought than ‘oh God I really need to get on it!”. Accordingly, here are just some of the shelfies and books in the wild pics I have received (or taken) over the last few years. (Apologies if yours isn’t here, as this was just a quick scroll through my Facebook page – but I LOVE them, so do send me more!) This also allows me to neb onto other people’s bookshelves and Kindles, to see what you are reading, which never gets boring…








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