The Bridemaid Blues Blog Tour – the reviews are in!

I was nervous about doing my first blog tour – what if everyone hated my book? What if they laughed at my very presumption in trying to get them to review it? Partly for reasons of anxiety, I went with Random Things Blog Tours, which is run by book blogging maven Anne Cater – I figured she would steer me right, being an expert on these things both as organiser and host herself. Well, I was delighted: the whole thing went smoothly and easily, all of the bloggers involved were lovely (thanks, ladies!) and the reviews were amazing: thoughtful, insightful and with clear effort put in, not a few dashed out lines.

It’s too soon, of course, to know if this will actually boost sales, but I definitely feel the increased exposure (and the ramping up of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads) was worth it. Check out what was said below…

4* at Portable Magic –  “a hoot to read

I enjoyed this read and felt like I was having chat with a friend…would recommend it for a fun and enjoyable summer read” – Books and Lovely Things

I finished the book within 24 hours, I loved every moment from the fantastic loveable characters… An absolute must read, it made me laugh and I would have no problem in reading it again!” – Lacy Ace Book Reviews

Luce, the main character of the book, is an extremely likeable character, I loved her from the first page. Each character has their own unique, realistic, relatable personalities and I loved every single one of them. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments and The Bridesmaid Blues is such a fun, engaging and enjoyable read. I had a big smile on my face from the very beginning.

I love the story and how brilliantly written it is. I definitely highly recommend checking this book out.”Clem Loves

Ms Sinclair’s writing flows, injected her heart-felt descriptions of Newcastle and topped off with humorous dialogue kept me flipping the pages as fast as I could read… a must-have holiday read” –  Ellsea Loves Reading 

I absolutely adored it. A perfect read for fans of Bridget Jones and Lindsey Kelk. A smart, sassy, funny romcom with lots of northern charm…”

“This was such a fun filled, warm hearted read” – Kraftireader

hilarious and relatable read… I absolutely loved the character of Luce, I was able to relate to her in so many ways and I thought Tracey has written her beautifully. I was eager to find out what will happen in the book and as a result it didn’t take me long to devour it. I was in stitches throughout the book, Tracey’s writing is real and honest with a very humorous flair to it. … The setting of the book was a refreshing change too. Enough of the books set in London! The city of Newcastle was brilliantly portrayed… The Bridesmaid Blues is a hilarious, honest, relatable read that is just perfect for the young women of today. I highly enjoyed this book and I’ll read more from Tracey in the future. Just brilliant” – Katie’s Book Cave 

“ I loved Luce! She is so real and down to earth… Luce is a scream, she is the type of girl I would love to hit the town with… a treat from the start.

I really did adore this story as this time it was from the point of view from the bridesmaid just to add a different layer to it all. This book made me feel all warm and fuzzy, (its real it happens), I laughed, cried (happy tears) and mainly just sat there grinning from ear to ear.” – Zooloo’s Book Blog 

I really enjoyed this book and loved Luce’s character.  It wasn’t the typical chick-lit book that I first thought it would be, but it had more feeling and depth to it… This was a great romantic comedy and such a feel-good, easy read!  It would definitely make the perfect summer read. Well recommended!” – Stardust Book Reviews 

“I couldn’t put it down…” – Varietats 

The tour also included a Novel Extract at Novel Gossip.

If you’d like to buy the book, click here.

Bridesmaid Blues Blog Tour Poster

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