Dark Dates tees now available

So, I have expanded the range of Dark Dates merch with a range of t-shirts and tops*! You can buy them from Teemill here! And as ever I would love to see your photos: tag me on Twitter (@thriftygal) or Instagram (@traceysinclair23).

And thanks again to Caroline Goldsmith, of Goldsmith Publishing Consultancy, who did all the heavy lifting on this, including the designs!





*A note about sizes: noob that I am to this whole merch thing, I totally didn’t consider which sizes would be available, and am disappointed with myself that I didn’t, because the site doesn’t go past size 18, that I can discover (I fully admit to being slightly clueless about the whole thing – it’s a steep learning curve!) So:  apologies to anyone the shop doesn’t cater for: I will be expanding the range as I can with larger sizes, once I have done some research into additional stores. Sorry in advance for the delay.

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