Bridesmaid Blues on sale!

Yup, as summer is approaching and some of you non-freelance folk have this thing they call ‘holidays’ (so I hear – they sound nice…), I thought I would offer up my romcom  The Bridesmaid Blues as a bit of summer escapism (and, Lordy, don’t we need that right now). So for a limited time, it’s only 99p!

But don’t just believe me! Kraftireader said: “I absolutely adored it. A perfect read for fans of Bridget Jones and Lindsey Kelk. A smart, sassy, funny romcom with lots of northern charm. From the first chapter that had me laughing through the words to the very end of the book I was hooked

Christina at Writing Around The Block said: “Hilariously witty and self-deprecating, this was a romantic comedy with an emphasis on neither the romance nor the comedy (and I mean this in a good way). The writing was fluid, the dialogue scathingly relatable”

And Dandelions Inspired said: I’ve read so many wedding, wedding planning or proposal books lately that I did not expect to enjoy this novel as much as I did. “The Bridesmaid Blues” completely surprised me with the light, romantic comedy and the great characters… “The Bridesmaid Blues” is a quick and fantastic read that leaves you feeling good and optimistic about love and finding Mr. Right. Tracey Sinclair’s writing flows perfectly”

So why not check it out?   Click here for The Bridesmaid Blues!



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