Author spotlight: Katrina Hart – Finding Destiny

Delighted to welcome guest author Katrina Hart to Dark Dates today.

Tell us a little about yourself and your books.

Firstly, thank you for having me on your blog Tracey.

You’re welcome, Katrina!

My name’s Katrina, but all my friends call me Katie. I live in the East of England with my family and two hyper cats. I’ve always liked writing, but I really started getting into creating new stories a few years back when I took a creative online writing course. That was where Finding Destiny‘s story, my first fantasy novel, was born, and last year I  published two Novellas. One called Love in Little Snow and the other The Flower Angel and a short story called The Naked Sleepwalker’s Christmas.

(Ooh, I like the sound of that! – Tracey)

Finding Destiny is a book set in 2038 in a technologically-advanced, very colourful world inhabited by humans and robots. It’s a place Alex is destined to be, where he is married to Faith and has a baby called Destiny. However, there is something very different about her that leads him on an adventure to not only protect his daughter. But to protect the place he now has to call home from the power hungry Half-Breads and their leader Dragonstar

Love in Little Snow is about love and forgiveness around the festive season.

The Flower Angel follows two strangers as their life collides at Forget- Me-Not INN, however they soon learn this place is not all it seems and together they discover its secret and so much more.

I wrote and published this novella just before my Nan passed away, so it holds a special place in my heart as it was the last book of mine that she got to read..

The Naked Sleepwalker’s Christmas is a festive short story filled with love and some funny moments.

me photo for blog

What kind of books you write?

I write mostly fantasy  as I enjoy the freedom to let my characters free in a magical unknown world where anything and everything is possible. But I’ve also written festive, romantic stories.

What has been the hardest lesson you’ve learned on your writing journey?

I think the hardest lesson to learn was how to edit my novel and delete parts. Anne Hamilton, my great editor,  taught me a lot while working with me on my book. I also found promoting Finding Destiny a bit daunting, but it got easier once I learnt how to set up webpages on WordPress.

What has been the most pleasant surprise?

Wow there’s been so many! One thing that surprised me was how much confidence writing and publishing my books gave me. I think Finding Destiny gave me the writing bug and it’s something that I want to keep with me for a long time.

How do you keep going when things are tough – what keeps you motivated?

My writer friends and my boyfriend who is also an author himself keeps me motivated when I have tough days. I think having people around you who understand the ups and downs of writing and publishing really helps. I also go back and read sections of my books where a character has inspired me and it reminds me just how far we’ve come through a story together.

What would be your advice for other writers?

Enjoy writing and following your characters till the end of the story. Don’t worry if you feel uninspired when looking back at the story. Keep making required changes and keep working at it. One day  you’ll look back and see a wonderful story that you have  created all by yourself with the power of your imagination.

If possible, join a writing group and exchange your writings with other author. Support each other. I think it can make all the difference especially in times when you’re in self doubt or suffering from writer’s block.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on The Awakening Spark Of A Dying Man,  editing Thawing Hearts, my third novel and looking into publishing options for my finished novel, The Lost Town Of Man’s Crossing.

v2_ebook (2) final cover

Quickfire round:

Name your current favourite:

TV show Right now it’s The 100, Catfish and Once Upon a Time

Holiday destinationHmmm.. somewhere in the countryside where I can write peacefully.

FoodPizza, strawberries, and Pringles.

PastimeWriting, reading, listening to country music and spending time with my boyfriend.

What book are you reading right now?– I’ve just started True Story by Catherine Simpson

That’s great – thanks so much for popping by, Katrina (or can I call you Katie?) If you want to keep up with Katrina or check out her books, links below!


Twitter – @KatrinaHart2015

Blog –

Book links:

Author page on Amazon

Finding Destiny – and you can watch the promo video here:

Love in Little Snow (A Snow Globe Christmas)

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