Notebook of the week: Toy Story Moleskine

Y’all know I love a Moleskine (I was just tidying my shelves and I have… um, a few). I also, for weird and sentimental reasons, have an abiding love for the aliens from the film Toy Story. So when I found out Moleskine was doing a limited edition Toy Story range, I just had to treat myself. And then when I was in Henley visiting a friend at the weekend, I discovered their Paperchase stocked the shiny leather lined notebooks I have fallen a bit in love with so I bought a couple of those, too. Oops!


And regular readers will also know I’m fond of a shelfie: and this conjunction of titles made me laugh when I noticed them together…



4 thoughts on “Notebook of the week: Toy Story Moleskine

  1. I am the same way about Moleskines, though for me, I collect the Star Wars ones. I don’t even know why I love them since they have notoriously crappy paper and totally BS their customers with the “Hemingway used a Moleskine” marketing campaign…but I still love them. I miss Borders Bookstore because that was the only Paperchase vendor we had over here in the states. Love the juxtaposition of the book titles and the term “shelfie”. I’d take a shelfie if my books were on shelves.

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