Guest posts and reviews round up

The lovely Jo at Jaffa Reads Too (Jaffa being her gorgeous big ol’ ginger cat) and I have bonded over her kitty and my step-kitty (regular readers will be familiar with Lyra, below, who also likes a good book). She kindly hosted a Guest Post on her blog.


When I came across blogger Cassandra I simply had to get in touch – and she also was kind enough to host a guest post on Lost in Books. 

Long-time Dark Dates supporter Nocturnal Book Reviews was the first to review A Vampire in New York and Other Stories and gave it a corking 8/10 – proclaiming ‘God, the sheep story!.. Worth it on its own!’ (You’re desperate to read it now, aren’t you?). I was also a bit relieved that, as an ex-Brightonian (Brigtonite?) she liked the story set in that city…

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00027]

From ‘in at the ground floor’ to ‘new converts’ – another couple of lovely 5* reviews from The Jeep Diva:

A Vampire Walks into a Bar – this remains one of my favourite shorts so I’m always happy when people like it!

Jacque said: “This was the perfect follow-up and teaser of what is yet to come. Perfect for Cassandra fans needing a little extra between titles” – read full review here.

A Vampire Christmas – “A must read for sure!” Read full review here.

Thanks, guys!


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