Fun gifts for writers

While my love for notebooks is well-documented, I also have a fondness for writer themed gifts – and I admit I’m not above buying them for myself if I feel the need for a little boost.

My latest purchase was a bespoke mug I bought from Moonpig for a friend and I have who have similar writing processes, and as we’re both trying to get books finished at the moment, I thought this was a nice bit of inspiration…


I also fell in love with this t-shirt from The Literary Gift Company


Also from Literary Gift – the chance to personalise your own mug. I may never get my books into Penguin Classics but hey, I can drink my coffee from this mug…

dark dates mug

A Dark Dates range of merchandise, anyone?

When I’ve finished this book, I’m determined to buy myself some Writer’s Tears whiskey but I think buying it now might be counter productive…

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