Dark Dates live – the reviews are in!

Well, it’s always both a thrill and a bit nerve-wracking to see your work performed – and even more so when you’re watching someone else interpret one of your most beloved characters. So I’m relieved and happy to say that Zoe Cunningham’s one-woman show was enormous fun, sharply directed by Peta Lily (it rattled along at a fair old pace – no slack, which I do like in a show!) and Zoe was a likeable, relateable and entertaining Cassandra.

I wasn’t the only one who thought so, either…


It’s funny, irreverent… Zoe’s portrayal of Cassandra is a classy theatrical tour de force” – Haggerston Times

The script is strong and Bick is played with a likeable manic edge” – A Younger Theatre

(photos below courtesy of Redshell Productions)

Intrigued? Come along to the next shows in Brighton in on May 2 or May 12!


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