The writing process: as explained by cats

People often (OK, very occasionally… OK, hardly ever) ask me about my writing ‘process’. It mainly goes like this…

Preparation: I write first drafts in longhand, so choosing the ‘right’ notebook to get started is important. So…This one, maybe?


Procrastination: I dunno, though. Maybe this one?


More procrastination: Maybe I should sleep on it. I’ll feel better after a nap.


Reality: Nope. Still struggling. Why won’t the ideas come?

1176166_10151912312898179_1765020211_n (1)

Distraction: Maybe if I inspire myself with some good TV?


Maybe if I go out and mix with people?


Seriously, everyone else is going out. Why do I have to stay in and write? Look at them out there, having lives!


Maybe I’ll have another nap and then the story will come.




But then you start writing!


And you end up with an actual book! Hurrah!


And you know what that means? You have to start all over again!


(With thanks to my models, Lyra and Chicktoria Beckham. Also, it’s possible I am in the procrastination stage of writing, yes?)

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