Wolf Night – 5* review and giveway

I was thrilled when, after getting in touch re: hosting a cover reveal, author Jade Kerrion kindly offered to host an interview on her own blog – and then she really made my day with a rocking 5* review for Wolf Night… It’s always nice to get unexpected praise but from someone so established already was quite the thrill!

So, to celebrate, there’s also a giveaway – but here’s an extract of what Jade said (I’m blushing, I’m blushing…)

“Cass, the token human, is one of my favorite protagonists. I can’t actually tell you what she looks like, but it doesn’t matter. She has one of the key requisites for a memorable heroine: she attracts trouble (and on a slow day, she’ll go out of her way to create trouble.) Her matter-of-fact approach to all manner of supernatural things, her human approach to solving problems (who needs supernatural strength or fangs for that matter…just grab a heavy candlestick and hit the attacking monster in the face…), and her ironic humor carry the day.

Cain… is hands down the most awesome alpha male I’ve come across (and this is from someone who has read Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, etc.) Cain has an inappropriate sense of how to woo women (he gives Cass weapon upgrades instead of flowers), is still married (to a sword-wielding goddess, no less), but he treats Cass with a subtle sensitivity that anchors his love for, and appreciation of, her. It is subtle–one mustn’t tarnish the alpha male image too much–but it is there, and I applaud Ms. Sinclair for bringing Cain vividly to life.

Finally, the love triangle involving the vampire…It’s not just two guys after the one girl. It’s much more complex–it’s actually hard to tell who the vampire wants more…the heroine, or the alpha male. 🙂 Yummy!

Anyway, I heartily recommend Wolf Night, and strongly suggest reading it after Dark Dates. Yes, Wolf Night can stand alone as a novel, but the characters and nuances of relationships are established in Dark Dates, and your reading experience will be much enriched by the background. Besides, Dark Dates is a solid 5-star read too. You won’t be wasting your time”


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