Short but sweet: how digital ‘singles’ can boost your author profile

One of the criticisms of the digital book market is that it puts pressure on authors to constantly churn out new material: that on top of the ‘book a year’ demands of mainstream publishers, authors are now expected to produce digital-only short stories to keep their profile high and, of course, bring in extra income. […]

Writing romance: why is loneliness still a taboo?

When I first started writing fiction, it was with a definite ‘literary’ slant. Although I did get a few short stories published in women’s magazines (a market I would heartily recommend, since they actually pay far better than most literary mags), my first book and collection of short stories fit most comfortably in that most […]

The writing process: as explained by cats

People often (OK, very occasionally… OK, hardly ever) ask me about my writing ‘process’. It mainly goes like this… Preparation: I write first drafts in longhand, so choosing the ‘right’ notebook to get started is important. So…This one, maybe? Procrastination: I dunno, though. Maybe this one? More procrastination: Maybe I should sleep on it. I’ll […]